VLN 2016

VLN 10, 22.10.2016

Team Hofor Racing #211, BMW M3 GTR

VLN 10, 22.10.2016

Team Hofor Racing #210 BMW M3 CSL

VLN 10, 22.10.2016

Team AVIA Racing Renault Clio SP3

Qualifikation: Rennen:

Team Hofor Racing VLN 9 / 08.10.2016 #211

Kroll / Kroll / Eggimann

Team Hofor Racing VLN 9 / 08.10.2016 #210

Chantal Kroll, Michael Kroll, Bernd Küpper

VLN 7 03.09.2016

Walkenhorst BMW M6 GT3 "Playstation" #35

VLN 3 14.05.2016

Getspeed Porsche 991 GT3 Cup

VLN 3 Training 13.05.2016

Racing One Ferrari Taxi Ride, M. Kohlhaas

VLN 2 30.04.2016

Team Getspeed, Stilgut Cayman GT4

VLN 1 02.04.2016

Team Hofor-Kuepper Racing, Ugo Vicenzi

VLN 5 Qualy 16.07.2016, 360°

Team Hofor Racing, #210, BMW M3 E46 GTR

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